Michael Cox: CV

• Name: Michael Grayson Cox Jr. • Born: November 12 • Height: 6’5” • Weight: 200lbs/91kg • Built: Muscular • Eyes: Dark Brown • Hair: Dark Brown, Coiffed. • Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars on forearms, arms and chest • Family: Mother, Evelyn Cox, Turkish before marriage; Father, Michael Grayson Cox Sr., American, deceased, cause of death: heart attack; Wife, Grace Cox, deceased, cause of death: homicide; Son, Tony Cox, deceased, cause of death: homicide. • Work: Former Military, Businessman (Family-owned business, diversified over: online trading, retail, industry tech and real estate.) • Special Skills/ Training: Hand to hand combat, use […]

Michael Cox Advance Readers

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Suicide and Depression

The Day My Best Friend Killed Herself

She drank poison. It was a slow and painful death. Not only did it extend the physical torture for her, but she got to see how it was affecting her loved ones. Years later, I now think this must have been the worst part for her- watching those around her fall apart while she was on her death bed. Suicide was her culmination of the utmost personal war in her head, but in the end we all watched her die. On a good day she was made of long limbs, bouncy ponytails, piercing eyes and an infectious laugh. She was […]