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Michael Cox: CV

• Name: Michael Grayson Cox Jr.

• Born: November 12

• Height: 6’5”

• Weight: 200lbs/91kg

• Built: Muscular

• Eyes: Dark Brown

• Hair: Dark Brown, Coiffed.

• Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars on forearms, arms and chest

• Family: Mother, Evelyn Cox, Turkish before marriage; Father, Michael Grayson Cox Sr., American, deceased, cause of death: heart attack; Wife, Grace Cox, deceased, cause of death: homicide; Son, Tony Cox, deceased, cause of death: homicide.

• Work: Former Military, Businessman (Family-owned business, diversified over: online trading, retail, industry tech and real estate.)

• Special Skills/ Training: Hand to hand combat, use of assault rifles and handguns, improvised weapon training, close quarter neutralization, some combat casualty care, knot-tying, knife fighting.

• Languages: English, native; Turkish, fluent; Spanish, conversational.

• Address: Multiple homes. Currently at a hidden compound in New York City.

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    1. Hello Barbara,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to share your thoughts on the book. I am extremely happy you enjoyed it! I am working on some short stories to send your way very soon. They’ll mostly be in the same genre as ‘Michael Cox.’ Do you enjoy books in the fantasy genre as well? If so, I have a full-length novel that’s going through the editing process and I’ll be looking to share Advance Reader’s Copies. Let me know if you’re interested. By the way, two new instafreebie giveaways started today. Here are links:

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