S. A. K Stewart

It Caught Fire My Love

by Shantae Stewart


The first time I saw you I knew I had longed for you.

Your eyes called out to a part of me that had been lying in a kind of wait akin to purgatory.

Your smell pulled me out of that lonely wandering of souls that marched to the beat of their own destruction.

Your touch was a flint that grated along the rock-stones and pebbles lying in the pits of my heart.

And it caught fire my love.


It caught fire and I threatened to burn my own body down, my skin alight with glorious heat, my nostrils flaring, my mouth releasing gusts of your name as if that was the only thing it was made to do…

Call out to you.

And It called out my love.


It called out in a sweet slick sing-song that rivaled a church filled with the presence of the holy ghost on a high Sunday morning right before the hour blurred into afternoon

My body became the temple of worship that beckoned to the sinner in you to come. 

Come and dwell.

Come and see and taste that the Lord is good.

He is good for he made you to save me from me the me I was.

The me, I could have been before the first time I saw you

before the first time I saw your eyes and KNEW….

they were flints to the pebbles lying in wait,

the burning embers of a woman destroyed



displaced from love.

And it caught fire my love.


It caught fire.