S. A. K Stewart

On The Back Of A Jellyfish

by Shantae Stewart

It’s a pity I see it now that I’m devastated. When I’m weeping and drying my tears on the back of the moon, praying it will give me the warmth the sun denied me.

I reach for you in the stars.

You’re not there.


I piggy-back ride on clouds, swinging from this one and that. They look soft enough to rest my head on and take a nap. And I almost do.


I listen for you calling me on the soft tenor of the wind. In the deep bass of the rain. On the gentle wash of the snow at my feet.

And I look for you.


I look for you in the waves of the ocean  as I watch them float away on the back of a jellyfish.


I realize I miss you.

No I missed you.

As in I JUST missed you.


You were here a second ago, and darn it!  My head didn’t whip around fast enough to catch you.

The “I love you” I should have said got lost in the noise of traffic. A traffic of grey horses that stampeded upon the “I need you” that chased after the “please don’t go’s”  the “I’m sorry I wasn’t a better friend” and “I meant to call you more”

But they were too slow.


My words were too slow to caress your heart and my foolish hands were not big enough to hold it.


My pride was bigger than I was.

I held the falls of Niagara in the back of my throat  and ran it through a strainer small enough not to let the big pieces of my love for you fall out.

So I couldn’t tell you.


You melted away, crept back to the ocean and I never got to say goodbye.


You WERE here but I  JUST now missed you.


I  see the waves of you that had been reaching out for the sands of time and love between my toes.

I see them being washed away. 

I see them floating.

Floating away on the back of a jellyfish.


*****Flourish in Peace my sweet friend, O’Shane Reid.